Nail Enhancements

Acrylic full set$25.00+
Acrylic fill-ins$15.00+
Pink & white full set$45.00
Pink & white fill-ins$35.00
Pink Fill only$25.00
Gel liquid full set$45.00
Gel liquid fill-ins$35.00
Gel polish on full set$40.00 & Up
Gel polish on fill-ins$30.00
Basic manicure with gel polish$30.00
Basic manicure with gel french$35.00
Pink & white gel liquid full set$50.00
Pink & white gel liquid fill-ins$40.00
Pink gel liquid fills only$30.00

Additional Services

Polish Gel Color Only$25.00
Polish Gel French Only$30.00
French manicure with service$5.00
nail design with service$5.00+
Nail repair with service$4.00+
Polish change hands$8.00
Polish change hands french $10.00
Soak off acrylic$10.00
Soak off gel polish$5.00
Callus remove $5.00
Nail repair re-color powder$3.00
Polish change toes$10.00
Polish change toes french $12.00

Kid’s menu

(under 10 yrs old)

Princess manicure with design$10.00
Princess pedicure with design$20.00

Pedicure Menu

Mini Famous Pedicure$22.00  

Cuticle removal, nail trimming, shaping, and lotion massage

Mini Pedicure with Aloe Vera Gel Scrub$27.00  

Cuticle removal, nail trimming, shaping. Then massage with lotion to moisturize the skin.

Famous Cold Deluxe Pedicure$30.00  

Relaxing Pedicure service with aloe scrub gel to exfoliate dry dead skin and deep conditioning with Peppermint marine masque wrap in hot towels. Massage with lotion to moisturize the skin.

Famous Citrus Deluxe Pedicure$45.00  

Escape and relax your pedicure with a warming raw sugar foot scrub exfoliating your feet to perfection. Deep conditioning volcanic clay foot masque fortified with minerals. Wrap in hot towels. Finish with soothing moisturizer Earth Hydrating Lotion, rich in vitamins and minerals that protect from dryness with a satin finish.

Famous Signature Pedicure$55.00 

ORGANIC Deluxe Pedicure ( Lemongrass + Green tea or Mandarin + Mango )

Relax enjoy the organic pedicure with all naturally hydrating antioxidant. Argan Oil from Morocco and fruit extracts. Paraben free. Massage with luxurious sugar scrub infused with essential organic oils and natural extracts to gently exfoliate and moisturize skin, leaving it exceptionally silky and smooth. Then covering with hot towels, apply a moisture mask that is enriched with Argan oil from morocco, this restorative and hydrating mask deeply nourishes feet. Apply massage cream to heal, regenerate and condition skin, leaving it beautifully smooth and hydrated.

Waxing Menu

Chin$8 & up
Side burns$10.00
Full face$30.00
Under arm$20.00
Whole arm$35.00
Elbow to wrist$20.00
Chest$40 & up
Legs (whole legs)$45-50
Legs (legs from knees)$25-35
Back$50 & up
Bikini wax$30 & up
Brazilian wax$50 & up
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